Weekdays Group Snowboard Lessons “Long” Sestriere

When: (Mon-Fri) 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Running time: 20 hours
People: min 4 – max 8
Age: from 6 years upwards
Meeting Point: Front off Igloo Bar

An intensive program to enhance your technique and grow your skills with other people.
Four lessons in which we maximize your benefit, giving you all the time, you need to perfect your style.
Friday’s lunch is on the house.

Payments’ terms and conditions: We rely on secure circuits only. Private lessons: immediate payment is required. Group lessons: payment will be requested after Prime Ski gets the facility’s confirmation.

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Lv 3. Basic
Lv 4. Basic Intermediate
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Lv 6. Advanced
Lv 7. Expert
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