Prime Ski & Snowboard School

Prime Ski & Snowboard School was established in 2022 by Alessio, Federico and Lorenzo, three friends enamoured of the mountains and eager to share their passion for skiing with anyone. Quality and customization are the key principles of Prime Ski for offering high quality personalized ski lessons to meet each customer’s needs.

Alessio Bruno

Alessio Bruno was born in Mondovì, Italy in 1997. Starting from the age of 4, he spent every winter day on the snow, as a ski club athlete and afterwards as an instructor. He believes that sports teach respect, determination, and teamwork.
Alessio majored in sports science at the University of Genoa and is currently specializing in sports management. He is in his mid-twenties and is the director of Prime Ski.

Federico Laganà

Federico Laganà was born in Pinerolo, Italy in 1997. During his childhood he played numerous individual and team sports. After his first ski lessons in Sestriere, he decided to start competing in races and fell in love with this world.
At 18 years old he became an instructor. Federico is the founder of the Prime Ski & Snowboard School project. He is a very organized and dynamic individual.

Lorenzo Galliano

Lorenzo Galliano started skiing at the age of 3 and competing shortly after. Born in 1996 he’s been an instructor since 2016 and has also completed his first level Alpine Ski Coach certificate. He skied around Europe, North America, and Japan… trained skiers in Australia and has been working in the most renowned resorts of the French Alps. In 2022 he founded Prime Ski & Snowboard School. Also, from his passion for biking, he founded “Spritz & Bikes”, which organizes events and tours in Langhe, Italy.
PRIME, for the safety of its users, uses secure payment systems that protect the purchase